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Danish Castles and Manors

The association is a partnership that has been formed to promote the unique experiences of Danish castles and manors. All of our members have their own unique characteristics, which is why the association welcomes you with the diversity of its heritage - a realm of experiences. We are unified by our common heritage, which is why unique experiences await you, whether you just want to visit a place for its historical value or would like to stay in these fantastic surroundings. All of our castles and houses have significant cultural and historical heritage elements. Your membership only gives you admittance to castles and houses that meet the association's specific heritage requirements.

The association is the only one of its kind in Denmark and guarantees visitors historical authenticity and special cultural experiences. This website lets you explore the many opportunities that the association offers, and helps you contact the castles and manors that you want to visit.

Yours sincerely, Birgitte Buchsti
Chairman of the association

Spires, Towers, Triangular Pediments & Gates

The Danish castles and manor houses are all decorated with beautiful details like spires, towers, triangular pediments and gates.
Click below to see the beautiful details.

Spires & Towers     Triangular Pediments & Gates

Find Danish castles and manors

Click on the map or fill in the name or city to find a suitable castle or manor for your needs. Danish castles and manors offers lots of exciting possibilities throughout Denmark. The number of castles and houses in your results list depends on how open or precise your search is - the more open it is, the more castles and manors you will find.
The search criteria allow you to make such a precise search, that you will only get a list of the castles and houses that offer exactly what you are looking for.

Billeskov Herregård
Broholm Slot
Clausholm Slot
Dronninglund Slot
Fuglsang Herregaard
Gammel Estrup
Gram Slot
Hindsgavl Slot
Holckenhavn Slot
Kragerup Gods
Lerchenborg Gods
Lindholm Herregård
Nørre Vosborg
Rysensteen Bed & Breakfast
Sanderumgaards Romantiske Have
Skjoldenæsholm Hotel & Konferencecenter
Skrøbelev Gods
Sonnerupgaard Gods
Sostrup Slot & Kloster
Sørup Herregaard
Visborggaard Slot
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