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Visborggaard Slot
Visborggaard Allè 39
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Visborggaard Slot is the entrance to historical experiences - These powerful walls can tell about brave knights and noblemen who since the mid-13th century have played a crucial role in the lives of many women and in Denmark's history.
Visborggaard was first mentioned in the mid-14th century, when it belonged to members of the family Munk. The family owned the farm until the first half of the 16th century, when it came to Jens Thygesen Seefeld through marriage. If ownership is a very special story ..... Thygesen Seefeld, who belonged to the Jutland lavadel, took over with Ingerd Andersdatter, Visborggaard at the marriage, and thus increased his fortune quite considerably. His son, Enevold Seefeld, inherited the farm around 1538 and laid the foundation for the family's position in the following century. Seefeld had been affiliated with Christian III's (1503-1559) court and later became a sheriff at Sejlstrup, and during this period the post as a sheriff was an important source of income for many noblemen.

The son Jakob Seefeld took over Visborggaard after his father's death in 1557. As a 12-year-old, Seefeld was sent to Holsten, where his aunt lived. Later he attended the Seven Years' War (1563-1570), but returned to Visborggaard in 1568 after his mother's death.

In 1571 he secured the Visborggaard birch, and 10 years later he became a member of the Rigsrådet in 1581.

When Frederick II died in 1588, a guardian government was set up to exercise the power of government until Christian IV was crowned king in 1596. Jakob Seefeld became part of this patronage government in 1595 and thus marked himself as a powerful man.

Seefeld was closely linked to Visborggaard, and even replaced the post as a sheriff at Aarhusgaard with the more modest post as a sheriff at Mariager Kloster, in order to be closer to his headquarters. This love for Visborggaard was and is so strong that his journey is constantly perceived in the castle and no one dares to move his portrait painting, not even to paint behind it.